How do you measure the worth of your internal communication activity? There’s a strategic framework that can help you answer this question – the Five Step Value Framework. It’s intended to help internal communicators structure and deliver tangible proof that the work they are doing is making a notable and positive difference to their organisation.


In this online white paper, we’ll explore each of the five stages step-by-step.


An introduction

So, what is the Five Step Value Framework? In a nutshell, it’s a simple process that enables internal communication professionals to demonstrate the business value of what they do, to a senior management audience.


If the value of internal communication to a business is not clear, those organisations will naturally be unwilling to invest significant time and resource in it. As the world of measurement, analytics, data and insight has exploded, so has the opportunity for internal communications impact to be a much more visible part of these discussions.


What you told us

This framework has been ten years in the making. The majority of respondents to our original research cited a need for more budget and resources. But few talked about being able to build hard, practical business cases to support funding approvals.


From the very first interviews we undertook, we witnessed a devaluation of the internal communication functions occurring within a significant majority of UK organisations. That trend has not changed. It appears that many internal communicators are running very hard just to stand still.


A way forward

Measurement can be both a political and creative exercise. Until internal communication professionals can actively measure and demonstrate the real business value of what they do to the entire management layer of their organisations, then they do not stand a chance of being allotted their fair share of time, resources or importance.


At 44 Communications, our mission is to create worthwhile communication that makes a lasting and positive difference. By utilising all, or part, of our Five Step Value Framework, we think you will have the knowledge, tools and confidence necessary to demonstrate just how worthwhile your role and team are, and internal communications is to any business’ success.


Corin Ashby, Owner and Founder of 44 Communications


Figure 1: The Five Step Value Framework